A work of art lives. It comes to life with the creative expression
of the artist and it continues to live through the appreciation
of its viewers. With every brush stroke I want to ‘be’ with the
piece, to be aware – of my breath, of my hand, arm body, and
of the piece, of the change that one stroke has made. Wha
gets revealed before me is the gradual coming to life of a flat
surface. The movement, the colour, the garden of delights
slowly presents itself.

I tend to paint art that is to be lived with, to be enjoyed,
rather than to be thought about.


Sanatan is mainly a self-taught artist, although did some art
training in his youth with Gordon McAuslan and work-shopped
in the early 1990s with James Guppy. His unique style still
manages to embrace many diverse artistic influences,
although his subjects have often come from Tantra and his
own meditation.

Until recently his work was almost exclusively done on a
geometric grid of diamond shapes. Some of his more recent
works show the emergence of work without the grid. These
works still keep the diamond-shaped brush strokes, but in a
very loose form, often in a variety of brush sizes and heavy
glaze overlays.

Sanatan has won several awards, including a major award at
the Tweed Valley Art Prize. He paints largely in the studio
and occasionally in situ. He and his wife, Yoga, have a studio
on the Gold Coast.


Tosari Gallery, Toowoomba, 2009

Graydon Gallery, Brisbane, 2009

Baboa Gallery, Brisbane, 2009

Baboa Gallery, Brisbane, 2008

Mullumbimby Art Gallery 1995

Tweed Valley Art Prize, 1994

North Coast Art Show, 1994

Ormiston Art Prize, 1994

Mullumbimby Art Gallery, 1994

Redcliff Art Society Prize, 1994

Southern Cross Art Prize, 1993

Mullumbimby Art Gallery, 1993

Tweed Valley Art Prize, 1993

Byron Shire Regional Gallery (The Epicentre ‘Big Space’) 1993

North Coast Art Show, 1993

Eaglehawk Gallery, 1993

Southern Cross Art Prize, 1992

Mullumbimby Art Gallery, 1992

Tweed Valley Art Prize, 1992

Eaglehawk Gallery, 1992

North Coast Art Show, 1992

Eaglehawk Gallery, Glebe, 1991


Warwick Art Prize, (finalist), QLD, 2009

Border Art Prize (finalist), QLD, 2009

Redcliff Art Society, portrait prize (winner-acquisitive), QLD, 1994

Science Art Research Centre Award (inaugural winner), NSW, 1993

Southern Cross Art Award, watercolour (winner), NSW, 1992

Tweed Valley Art Prize (winner of major award), NSW, 1992


Design and implementation of tea-tree maze and sculpture
exhibition space, Thursday Plantation, Ballina, NSW (1993-4).


Redcliff Art Society collection, QLD

Ocean Shores Community Centre, NSW

Russell Poulston 2013