I am waiting very patiently for one of my sisters to write up a wee
blurb about Dad

NOTE TO SELF: Must ask the sisters to write a wee blurb about Dad

He started work as a window dresser at Magruer Davies in Timaru
His work was of a very hgh calibre for such a small town. So good
that his windows were published in overseas magazines.

Eddie set up business as sign writer in Timaru

Business extended to sand blasting glass windows in both public
buildings and private houses

Started a silk screen business

Side business doing the lettering on headstones
Great little earner as he was paid per letter, and he was very fast
Claimed he was doing the graveyard shift

Next business in Timaru was a very successful art gift shop
Part of the business was an art gallery upstairs
Many showings of well known New Zealand artists

Eddie built an Art Studio at back of the house where he made
jewelry, did pottery (he built a kiln behind the studio), designed
and manufactured his sculptures and murals for public buildings
and various drinking establishments

Mum worked in the same studio at painting and designing stained
glass windows, as well as working together with Eddie designing
various murals

Russell Poulston 2013