The block type sculptures were modeled andcut
from polystyrene with a hot wire

The polystyrene was then set in sand and the final
sculpture cast by pouring hot metal (aluminium or
bronze) into a hole at the top. The polystyrene
burns away leaving the cast metal sculpture in place

FAMILY GROUP (of three)

Head - "Family Group"

The heads are cast aluminium
The bodies are made from aluminium sheet welded
together and modelled to give the people shape
They have been left unsealed to allow the people to

As one does


There are two pairs of these delightful pieces

One pair of "The Young Adults"
One pair of "The Teens"
Both sets are cast in bronze


Made of welded mild steel plate

Two halves of the figure were formed and then welded
together around the edges.
The bodies were painted
green with a specialoutdoor paint.


Inspired by the koru shape

A loop made of sheet copper

Frame constructed out of wood and covered in copper
sheeting. The sides and edges are welded (soldered)
together.Hand polished then sealed with a special varnish.


New Zealand tree fern trunk

Inspired by punga driftwood

The holes are where branches originally came out

Series 1 and 2 and 3 are made of copper

Series 4 is made of mild steel

Strips of metal were hand cut and welded together and beaten

Surfaces were treated with ammonium sulphide liquid, which was painted on and polished off. When treated it all goes black, then polished to the required patina

The steel piece is the natural colour of steel and polished. The bumps are welded on and the holes cut out. The pieces are then beaten with a hammer to shape by hand into a curve. Finally the edges were hand cut and welded together


At the time of developing the design, both Eddie and
Gypsy were working on stained glass windows. Eddie was
doing scale drawings of Gypsy’s design and liked the
gothic shapes

Eddie was commissioned by Jill Pride in England for the
first Gothic Revival piece. She loved it so much that she
commissioned a second piece from Eddie

Made of welded steel

The lower part is made of 12mm (or ”) strip steel all
welded together around a circular /tubular form. The top
pieces are from various sizes of hollow square tubing

The centre part is one piece made to fit the inside of the
lower part. Just sitting inside. It can lift out for ease of
transport. The tubular pieces are all polished and sealed
with a special varnish

They are mounted on a block of local blue stone


Russell Poulston 2013